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Flash SE+ssions: Creativity and Innovation in E+ and ESC – Supporting Learning Journeys – Erasmus+ for Beginner

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08.06.2021 - 08.06.2021

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Tempus Public Foundation - Hungarian National Agency of Erasmus+ YiA and European Solidarity Corps (National Agency)

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8 June 2021 | Hungary

Erasmus+ for Beginners – new programme Explore how Erasmus+ can support local youth work and go international. Get ideas to involve young people and learn how your organisation can develop by using the Eramus+ programme.

Inspired by the Creativity and Innovation in E+ training and drawing on our experiences online over the last months, we have devised a further concept we call Flash sE+ssions in which we combine different elements to deliver short, sharp training boosters.

Online one-day sessions can be more flexible and easier to follow by professionals with busy schedules. The Flash sE+ssions look like this: a half-day intensive input on a specific topic followed by a half-day of offline tasks and optional mentoring from the trainers to allow participants to digest and directly apply the knowledge gained into their daily work. At the end of the afternoon the day closes with a debriefing session where participants can share their practical results and deepen the morning input.

Like shots of inspiration, Flash sE+ssions are a flexible way of training online that can be adapted to many different topics.

Erasmus+ for Beginners – new programme

The relationship between grassroots youth work and European level youth work is extremely important. In this Flash sE+ssion we will explore how this relationship works, your role in it and how it can support your youth work and therefore the young people you work with. We will briefly explore the funding opportunities and application process and how to engage young people in this. The session will also support you in coming up with innovative and creative ideas for different project options within the different Actions on offer.

Target group:

This Flash sE+ssion is for all those looking for inspiration to approach youth work in a more creative and innovative way. This session is specially dedicated to those who are now discovering the Erasmus+ programme (or just the new program), and want to know more about the funding opportunities available from 2021 on, and explore ways to internationalise their work, without losing the quality of their local projects.


Each Flash sE+ssion consists of four moments:

Participants are introduced to the theme in an interactive 3-hour session online (with break) in the morning.

At the end of the morning, participants receive a task to complete off-line.

Trainers are available for consultations/mentoring in the afternoon, regarding the theme and the task given. Consultations happen in small groups or individually, according to need.

A 1h30min debriefing session takes place at the end of the afternoon, to share practical results from the task, deepen the morning input and close the learning process.


One Flash sE+ssion includes:

1st Input: from 10h00-13h00 CET (Brussels Time)

Individual and/or mentoring time: 14h30-16h00 CET (Brussels Time)

2nd Input: 16h30-18h00 CET (Brussels Time)

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