Call for Two Youth Trainers for EuroPeers International Annual Network meeting


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Call for Two Youth Trainers for EuroPeers International Annual Network meeting, Italy 2021

Event Date: 23-26/09/21 (Trainers presence required from 21/09/21)
Application deadline: 09/07/2021

EuroPeers International is looking for Two Youth Trainers



EuroPeers International is a peer-to-peer driven European Network that encourages young people passionate about EU youth mobility projects to share their experiences with other young people within the target group (18-30). EuroPeers have often participated in Erasmus+ non-formal education projects such as youth exchanges or European Solidarity Corps (ESC).

A young person might also consider themselves a EuroPeer if they have a strong desire or motivation to learn more about Youth mobility projects but have not yet participated.


Annual Network Meeting

Since 2015, EuroPeers have met at the Annual Network Meeting (ANM). The event is without a doubt, the most important and exciting annual EuroPeers event. Even more so in 2021 as the 2020 meeting was postponed due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. As we make plans in 2021, the contracted Youth Trainers should provide assistance to the Senior Trainers and provide insights on the design of the entire programme with it in mind that the event may have to move entirely online. It would be beneficial to have some insights into non-formal education methods. We are also considering the possibility of a hybrid event, with some activities taking place in-person in Italy & others in “regional hubs” in Europe based on accessibility across borders and European-wide Covid legislative restrictions/health recommendations. 


In September 2021, the IT NA plans to host 100 young people from across our 16 EuroPeers+ Partner countries. This will be the largest EuroPeers gathering to date. A Coordinator from each National Agency will also be invited to attend. Joining you will be two Professional Trainers, who are contracted to support and guide you in your Youth Training role. It is not required to have any previous facilitation or Training experience as this is an opportunity to learn and gain professional experience. The Senior Trainers will guide you to take on co-responsibility for the Training consultation, event programme, hosting of the meeting and central coordination in line with our objective to empower youth and provide development opportunities. The majority of this workload will lie with the Senior Trainers and you will be there to provide suggestions and support. You will however, be helping host and facilitate during the event.


EuroPeers+ National Agency Partners rotate the responsibility to host this meeting. In 2021, the Italian National Agency will be hosting the meeting in Rome. However, as an organising partner and the host Agency for International Coordination, the Estonian National Agency will be contracting all the Trainers for the international event. 


Your role 

    1. Support Senior Trainers in their role on tasks necessary to ensure the success of the event. Report to the Senior Trainers on your progress and work together as a team.
    2. Work with the Core Team to include experts where necessary
    3. Using your personal experience, offer contributions on ensuring activities are be suitable for young people and engage the target group.
    4. Share the role of “host” with the Senior Trainers, ensuring that the themes of the ANM flow throughout the event and that there is a clear objective to every event. 
    5. Make sure all your plans encompass all eventualities – In-person, hybrid and online.


Your Future Prep Team Colleagues
Emily Keal – EuroPeers International Network Coordinator/ Estonian National Agency
Anna Villani – IT NA Programme & Projects Officer 
Giuseppe Maraventano – IT NA Director General Team 
Adriana Di Conca – IT Youth Steering Group Representative
Biljana Dajic – IT Youth Steering Group Representative


NO Previous Experience is required. 

The only essential requirements are that you are a TRAINED EuroPeer – this means you have completed a EuroPeers Training on a domestic or international level and that you are aged between 18-30. It is beneficial to have some prior knowledge of non-formal education methods, possibly from participating in ESC or other Erasmus+ projects.

This is a paid learning opportunity offered in line with EuroPeers International values, championing youth self-development. Therefore, no previous experience is required as a Trainer. Rather, you should demonstrate in your application: 

  1. What does being a EuroPeer mean to you? 
  2. How will this Training opportunity help you to achieve future aims?
  3. What ideas would you like to bring to the EuroPeers ANM? 
  4. What should we take into account to make sure sessions are engaging for fellow young people?
  5. What do you seek to gain from this role?



  1. Youth Trainers will be paid a total fee of 2,080- 2600 EUR day, for 8-10 days work. VAT will be paid additionally by Estonian Agency for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps. This fee accounts for 
    • Your own preparation time in the months leading up to the event in supporting the Senior Trainers
    • Attendance in Team meetings 
    • Full three-day event, plus one day before prep with the team and one day after for evaluation.
  2. All food & board and associated travel costs will be covered (in the event we can attend in-person)
  3. Send quote for work and agreement to send an invoice upon work completion. The payment timeline is negotiable eg. if you prefer payment in installments due to the timescale of the contract.


Application Process

  1. Please send your application to
  2. Please attach your CV.
  3. Please submit a motivational statement for the position including answers to: 
    • What does being a EuroPeer mean to you? 
    • When and where did you complete a EuroPeers training on a domestic or international level?
    • How will this Training opportunity help you to achieve future aims?
    • What ideas would you like to bring to the EuroPeers ANM? 
    • What should we take into account to make sure sessions are engaging for fellow young people?
    • What do you seek to gain from this role? 
    • How could we support you in this role?
  4. Please submit a max 2 min video introducing yourself and summarising your experience as a EuroPeer and one dissemination activity you have been involved in.
  5. If you are successful, you will be invited to a short 30-minute Interview.
  6. Your application will be assessed by the Core Prep Team


Your application will be assessed based on your answer to the above questions in your motivational statement and your introduction video.


The application deadline is 9th of July 2021 at 17:00hr CET. The first introductory & prep meeting will take place during July. If you have any questions, please contact Anett Männiste,

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