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YOCOMO Online Course on professional development in international youth work (ongoing)

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16.02.2024 - 07.03.2024

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SALTO Training and Cooperation Resource Centre

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This is an ongoing online self-directed course for youth workers willing to explore ways to develop their professional competences for international youth work.

This is an ongoing course which started on the 1st of February! You can join anytime to begin your learning journey. Click on the link below to join this course now!


The course is hosted on Canvas, an e-learning platform. You will be redirected there to register for this course.

Target group

We are looking for youth workers willing to explore ways to develop professionally in international youth work. The course is open to anyone worldwide; however, we will relate mainly to the European Training Strategy and its related competence model for youth workers (interested in) working internationally.

Course Objectives:

  • Discover a competence-based approach to your practice as a youth worker and its applicability in international youth work.
  • Be introduced to the ETS competence model for youth workers working internationally and link it to your youth work practice.
  • Explore self-assessment tools for your competence development.
  • Reflect on and develop attitudes and behaviours your youth work practice can benefit from.
  • Discover new ways and tools to aid your further professional development.

Structure of the course

The content of the course is divided into seven modules. To ensure a smooth learning experience, we recommend completing the course starting from the first module and continuing until the last.

  • Orientation module: Introduction to the course
  • Module 1: A competence-based approach in international youth work
  • Module 2: The ETS Competence Model for Youth Workers to Work Internationally
  • Module 3: Tools for competence self-assessment and Youthpass
  • Module 4: Attitudes in youth work
  • Module 5: The process of change
  • Module 6: Ways to develop attitudes and behaviours
  • Module 7: Using the competence model for professional development
  • Closing module: Learning and Evaluation

Learning in this course is similar to how you are used to learning elsewhere. You’ll have materials to read, videos to watch and dedicated spaces to discuss. Each module is structured into 5-6 sessions offering interactive learning content online, uploaded to the Canvas online hosting platform. Participants learn through animated videos, pre-recorded video interviews and some educational texts.

Each module will require 1-4 hours a week to complete.


In this course, you can join three webinars on specific themes related to the course content, as follows:

  • 12th February: Self-recognition of youth work competences
  • 19th February: Youthpass and the process of recognition of youth work competences
  • 26th February: Competences for future-fit youth work

Final dates and times may change depending on the speaker’s availability.


Laimonas Ragauskas lives in Spain and facilitates non-formal learning and training for youth work organisations and local and European institutions.

Nerijus Kriauciunas occasionally lives in Vilnius, Lithuania and works as a freelancer delivering international training activities in the youth work field at local and European levels.

Snežana Bačlija Knoch is a certified youth worker and an educational consultant in the non-formal education and youth work field at local and European levels.

Working language(s): English with the possibility of contributing translations

Costs: There are no requirements, and it is free of charge.

Recognition of learning

The participants who complete at least one content module requirement and fill in the request form will receive a Youthpass certificate to recognise participation in this course.

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